VDub Abruzzi

It seems that Abruzzi is not in hospital after all. He’s unpimping your ride!

More at Leftlane News.

Another Crash

Not an Enzo this time, but a Ford GT.

Photos at Across-the-Board.

James May

Who would have thought that James May from Top Gear would have his own fan site?

Simply hilarious.

Busted Enzo

More news and pictures of the destroyed Ferrari Enzo at Jalopnik.

Jeremy Clarkson and Public Relations

After reading Jeremy’s Times column, it’s no wonder why boys want to become motoring journalists.

More at Times Online.

Top Gear Winter Olympics

A flying Mini and a flying Stig. What more can be said?

See the entire episode at Google Video.


This flying cruise ship looks like something Jeff Tracy would build.

F.A.B. Thunderbird 2.

3D Architectural Paint Effects

These paint jobs look amazing. Wonder when this will catch on with architects and interior designers?

3D Display

Scientists from the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology have developed a remarkable 3D display powered by infared laser pulses.

More at DailyTech.


Tech Blog has a video of a real transformer. Seriously cool. :-)