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Where Not To Drive

The Lefortovo Tunnel in Russia is a place I wouldn’t be caught driving.

More at Leftlane.

Like Hugh

Here’s a short video of the Hungarian PM impersonating Hugh Grant.

Not even close to Ryan’s performance.

Right Hand Drive Conversion

This right hand drive conversion of a Jeep Cherokee is simply amazing. Nice and simple as with all good ideas :-).

Thanks to Ebay.

Phantom Convertible

Car enthusiast Jay Leno test drives the new Rolls-Royce Phantom convertible.

More at Top Gear.

Examinations, Part 2

If you need to exercise those brain cells, this will certainly help.

Examinations, Part 1

Are you a movie buff? Don’t know? Then you should take this quiz to find out.


Don’t have Photoshop, but need to edit some photos? Why not give Paint.NET a go?

Fight Club - A Romantic Comedy

This is one of the most hilarious and clever video remix’s I have seen in quite some time.

Available at Through A Looking Glass Productions.

Play It Again Maestro

What should I play Maestro? The Trance, Reign, or Faith?

Water Loving 2 CV

Continuing with our theme of robots and cars, we have Citroen 2 CVs powering through water.

More here.